School Board Public Hearing & Regular Meeting 07-14-20

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Public Hearing 00:00:02

Acceptance of $415,582.97 from the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act grant.

Adoption of Minutes 00:06:36

June 16, 2020 Regular Meeting

Consent Agenda 00:07:38

a. Resignations b. Nominations – Professional/Extra-Curricular c. Administrator Nominations d. Leaves of Absence

Other Business Items 00:15:27

a. Program Assurances b. Grant Acceptances c. School Year Modification Request d. New Policy EBCF – Emergency School Closing; First Reading e. Laptop Bid Award

Presentation of Policies/Reports by Superintendent 00:41:40

1. Reopening Plan

Information from Board Members 01:58:16

Future Meetings 01:59:40

1. August 11, 2020

Adjournment 01:59:51

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