SHS Today Episode 4.1

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It's the start of a brand new school year and what better way to kick it off. This episode is by no means perfect, but they got the job done. I was most proud that they were able to do a newscast in one take with little to no intervention from me. The best part is that we have a new teleprompter’s!!! No more looking at the tops of the anchor's heads... (Thanks to SCTV-17) Students: Blydenburgh, Tyler Carroll, Anna Crocker, Amber Donovan, Nicholas Judge, Ryan Leonard, Brooklynn Lumley, Grace Nguyen, Jared Noble, Nicholas Pappalardo, Domenic Paquette, Bre Portillo, Josue Rea, Neil Sacco, Valerie Salois, Jessica Stahly, Emma Wein, Bennett

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