The History of Broadway Musicals: A Musical Timeline

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Program: The 1930s - Summertime The 1940s - Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin' The 1950s - Tonight The 1960s - Aquarius The 1970s - You're The One That I Want The 1980s - At the End of the Day The 1990s - Seasons of Love The 2000s - Honey, Honey The 2010s - Alexander Hamilton The Ensemble: Lyla Ait Lahsen Katrina Cabral Faith Carroll Natalie Coryea Cam DeCourcey Jon Fermin AiLi Greenwood Donovan Homsey Chris Kennamer Kylie Marsh Valerie McDonnell Isha Mistry Mady Roebuck Miguel Rosario Bethany Scuderi Katie Tetu CJ Trudel Accompanied by: Julia Horaj

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